The new GHC Progrow Multi Fan Controller

Last week arrived the latest GHC Progrow Multi Fan Controller at Hydro Hobby – it looks very sleek, is modern and will look great in on any growers wall - we couldn't wait to open the box!

GHC Solutions are a UK based company dedicated to creating professional digital climate controllers for use specifically in Hydroponic, Horticultural and Greenhouse environments - and this is their flag ship fan controller.

For any serious grower a fan controller is a must have as the extraction system may not always be sufficient for allowing you optimal environmental control.

Lot's of functions but still simple to configure

The new GHC Multi Fan Controller allows you total environment control - you can set target temperatures using its clear blue LED screen. From your desired settings both temperature and humidity sensors will automatically trigger your intake and exhaust fans - allowing you to automatically specify different settings according to night and day. The Humidity Assist System cleverly increases fans up or down by 20% until the set humidity is reached - this is optional and only functioning if sensor is attached to unit.

Configuration is made simple by an easy to use Menu Button, Status Indicators and clear Backlit LCD Display....and don't worry the backlit LED and Status Indicators Lights can all be switched off to ensure total darkness in your grow area when required.

Built in Fan Balancer

Saving you grow room space and money - GHC Solutions have incorporated a Fan Balancer within the unit. Compatible with new the digital EC Fans, AC Fans, inline and box fans or any combinations 2 x 2.7amp plus – the GHC Progrow Multi Fan Controller this is great solid product – which is future ready!

Hats off to GHC Solutions - at the fair and affordable price of £287.95 - you are getting alot of features giving you value for your money...not usually seen - just take a look:

GHC Progrow Multifan Controller

So as mentioned not only does the GHC Progrow Multi Fan Controller look good - it also performs well is study and will give you reliable, automated - full garden environmental control.

Ready for future fan upgrades in your grow room the unit is ready to control the latest Revolution EC Vector Fans, Revolution AC Stratos Fans, Silenced Revolution AC Stratos Fans and our RVK Fans.