The new IWS AutoDrain Systems

Who would have thought that hydroponic experts IWS would be able to improve on their existing legendary IWS Hydroponic Systems but they did with the IWS AutoDrain 6 Pot Kit systems these are the best on the market - offering growers a 6 Pot Kit System that is so versatile that you can actually use any pot with a base up to 35cm - with the specially designed IWS AutoDrain Stands for only £199.99!

Why IWS?

If you have every grown using an IWS system - you will be fully aware of all the amazing benefits this system will bring to any grower beginner to professional. The automated flood and drain system - expels all the stale air in the media surrounding the root ball and replaces it with fresh oxygen as it drains away your nutrient solution which giving plants a great boost each time the system feeds - controlled by the IWS Control Unit (Brain). IWS stands for intelligent watering system the new AutoDrain feature only bringing more benefits....

More on IWS AutoDrain Stands

So IWS have gone back to the drawing board in some respects - but you can see why, the Autodrain stand design and construction enable it to solve the issue of emptying run off from saucers - very quickly - preventing rot, increasing fresh nutrient uptake and growth and reducing the risk of Pythium and salt build ups.

The system is truly value for money - with the option to add a timer and dripper kit creating an fully automated watering system - which will save you time, or you can handwater your pots by hand, which ever option you choose as long as you maintain your nutrient solution - you will see amazing results - not usual seen in a system under £200!

IWS Autodrain System

IWS is a legendary growing system - in its own right and the connoisseur grower's choice. These systems are very easy to setup and flexible. You decide the spacing of the AutoDrain Stands by the length of tubing connecting them together - and as mention if your a Smart Pot, Rhizo or Airpot grower - who's enjoys reaping the benefits of these pot's - which provide consistent air pruning of roots giving plants optimum root aeration - these are all compatible with the AutoDrain Stands so any previous yields achieved by water by hand,and then draining off run off manually - will be a thing of the past! Your plants will be feed the exact amount of nutrient each feed when the system is connected to a automated dripper kit  - and they are going grow big - quickly.

Expanding the IWS AutoDrain 6 Pot Kit is simply....

When the time comes to expand the system - simply purchase the AutoDrain Add On Kit - which will supply you with 6 AutoDrain Stands, 25mm pipe and 25mm fittings - so within minutes you will be running a 12 pot IWS AutoDrain Kit and doubling up that end harvest....

Less is more with IWS - as they don't develop systems on mass (they don't need to) - we knew at Hydro Hobby this would be worth waiting for. Why not visit our Coventry Shop - have a look at the IWS AutoDrain 6 Pot Kit, the construction of the stands are solid and looking at the grooves and the design - you can clearly see - there is no where for any 'run off' to hide!