The Magical Butter Machine is at Hydrohobby

There's more to the machine than means the eye as you will soon read. If you love to grow your own vegetables, herbs and fruits then this is going to allow you to create some amazing edibles....

Select your botanical and your off!

There are so many herbs that grow well in hydroponics systems - chamomile, oregano, mint, thyme, basil the list is endless....The Magical Butter Machine allows you to use any herbs to create base recipes such as: Cooking Oils, Tinctures, Magical ButterOil Concentrates, Magical Coconut Oil and of course that Magical Butter!

Cooking and drinking will never ever be the same again and its a simple case of pouring your ingredients into the Magical Butter Machine and then selecting the correct cooking setting! 

The Magical Butter Machine website is first class with Chef's cooking up some amazing goodies including Magical Gummie Bears - giving you so much inspiration to create amazing dishes...

Below we've picked some of our favorite recipes, skin care and drinks - from the Magical Butter Machine Website - if you love to cook and have a creative flair the possibilities are endless.....

Magical Butter Machine Hydrohobby

Magical Butter

If you would love your favorite botanical enfused butter - then as by name the Magical Butter Machine will deliver you 2 - 5 cups (475-1180 ml) of your own Magical Butter - which of course you can use on anything. 

Magical Cooking Oil

Just like the butter you can create your own unique Magical Cooking Oil - it takes around 1 hour - but again your options are endless.

Dried Fruit and Herb Tea

This is a real winter warmer :)  - this one can utilize so many flower and herbs in your garden...

Cocoa Butter Lotion

With many uses for the Magical Butter Machine is perfect for creating your own skin care products.

Shrimp Stir-Fry

Once you've made your oil its time to create some serious food dishes.

Cream of Asparagus Soup

If asparagus was your chosen crop you will love this one. In simple 4 steps you can create a super soup - putting that Magical Butter to good use.

Why not pop in to our Coventry Store - to see the Magical Butter Machine - for yourself, the well designed chrome butter machine will look good in any kitchen - making much more than just butter....

There's 5 days to go - so still time to grab one of these and make someone's Christmas!