Hydro Hobby Polytunnel Project

The first installment covering our Polytunnel Project, where we will keep you updated on the development and progress of the some vegetables and herbs that we are currently growing.

Sim started at Hydro Hobby around three months ago and both he, his 'green fingers' and I decided we would start to use a small area in the Polytunnel to see what results we can achieve growing some of our favorite crops and let me tell you Sim's been watering these plants 3 times a day during those peak weeks of heat we've had - these are thirsty plants..but love the Polytunnel as you will see!

Who's in the Polytunnel?

Well it started of with some Chillies, Bell Peppers, Rosemary and some Tomatoes - which where sourced from a well know super market ;) by Sim.

Next I passed over to Sim : 3 x Sweet Corns (around 12 inches high - ready to re-pot), 3 Pumpkins (1 UK and 2 New Zealand varieties) and 3 tomatoes plants. All the plants are currently growing in soil and been feed Canna Terra Vega & Flora Nutrients from the get go, watered according to the feel of pots - all covered with clay pebbles on top to keep down fly and bugs.

Arrival Day:

Hydro Hobby Poly Tunnel Project

4 Weeks Later....

Canna Vega Nutrients

Hydro Hobby Poly Tunnel Project

July the month of flowers....

Every plant in the Polytunnel has taken off rapidly - just look at the close up photos below Sim captures when he's been feeding them Canna Terra Flores Nutrients.

Canna Terra Flora

Hydro Hobby Poly Tunnel Project Flowering

Sim has continued to add Chilies (I think he likes these) and he's even talking of retain seeds from his favorites to start crossing them to create new varieties, so we will keep you updated on that too...

Pop back next week for a further update - all plants are healthy and green with no issues, in fact as you read the Pumpkins are all on pallets - one has a small pumpkin developing too :) and the Sweet Corns are now 5ft high!

Hydro Hobby Poly Tunnel Project