The New Twister T6 has arrived

How much do you value your time?.....Today we look at the latest hydroponic product to hit the market designed for anyone that just hates trimming! The Twister T6 is the best trimming machine on the market as you read - receiving excellent reviews in Canada, the USA, and Europe with their earlier models of Twister Trimming Machines.

The Twister Trimming Machine was born back in 2007 - created by North american company Keirton - who are worldwide experts in producing professional specialty crop harvesting and solution engineering.

Since it's release the latest Twister T6 Trimmer is causing a storm...with its ability to give you amazing trimming speeds of wet or dry produce - check on Youtube and see it in action!

Design is everything....

Creating a lightweight, portable, and trimming machine for the table or counter-top isn't an easy feat...However in just 10 years Keirton with a team of designers, engineers, technicians and support staff have succeeded creating a first class trimming machine - that will give you back all that time consumed in trimming - leaving you with a high quality trim-finished product .

It's nothing new that metals are cutting botanical's materials - its been done for centuries - but using an advanced rotary blade cutting system - the Twister T6 gives you the tightest cut - trimming up to 0.0005 of an inch (that's over 6 times thinner than paper) - in the shortest amount of time - with minimal impact to your flower.

Every section of the trimmer uses the highest grade materials including high grade ballistics grade plastics, 304 stainless steel and high grade anodized alloy aluminum - this machine is built to last and is complete with a 3 year warranty. 

Twister T6 Trimmer benefits features :

QuickClick™ Technology™

96 Point Indexing Blade Adjustment System 

Gentle SoftTumble™ Technology

Powerful 0.25HP motor ensuring continuous high performance

Proprietary Blade Geometry

Easy to change tumbler no tools required

Low Maintenance and easy to clean 

3 Year Warranty

So how much for this pleasure

Okay so you know what this machine can do and the rule of thumb is 'you get what you pay for' - so bearing this in mind for £6499.95 - you are purchasing a state of the art versatile small-capacity trimmer which delivers clean, tight, and precision cuts with minimal impact to your flowers - making hand trimming a thing of the past...

The Twister T6 Trimmer in store now - so come and check it out for yourself and check the video below..... you'll see it a real solid financial investment! 

And there's more....

Next week we will look at some other trimming machines arriving at Hydrohobby in 2018.....