Why you should consider LED Grow Lights

As we cruise in to summer I thought I would remind you of how you can grow all year round in your hydroponics indoor garden. When using high pressure sodium lights, many growers down tools in the summer due to heat issues. But there is a way to keep on growing without stressing your plants or yourself - just consider running full spectrum LED grow lights all year and avoid spider-mite, low yields and all the other negatives that come along when using high pressure sodium or metal halide in the warmer seasons.

Beat the summer

So to beat the warmer and unpredictable outdoor temperatures we face in the UK as hydroponic growers - the latest range of LED Grow Lights is the way forward!! I have spoken about LED's numerous times so if your unaware - check out : Do LED Grow lights work? post.

Making it very simple for customers to convert - all our LED Lights are ready to demonstrate in store (after all seeing is believing). Below are 5 main reasons and benefits to consider LED Grow Lights:

    • Less Power - consuming less watts to produce about the same amount of usable light, due to an increase in diode efficiency. You will save around 48% depending on your LED Grow light, plus further savings are made due to less ventilation and air conditioning will be required. LED Grow lights diode efficiency will only improve in years to come.

    • Low Heat - emitting less heat in operation LED lights enable you to run your ambient temperatures - much higher. Due to LED grow lights rarely containing a diode with wavelengths past 730nm - means less forward heat hitting the plant canopy - and your plant leaf surface temperature (LST) will still be raised. However hps lamps produce an excess infrared light at around 820nm - that is not used for photosynthesis, this heat enters the grow room increasing the ambient and leaf surface temperature.

    • Efficiency - measuring the LED grow lights for efficacy PAR ( measured in micromol per Joule) is very important, as looking at the electricity drawn is not a guide to how much usable light is available to your plant, however the PAR efficacy does. Looking at wattage when buying your LED grow light is 'old hat' reserved for hps lighting systems....with LED just look at the PAR - a higher PAR means more savings on electricity!

    • Lower HVAC Costs - this due to less heat been emitted from LED fixtures. You may see savings of up to 50% in air conditioning costs once you covert to LED in larger grow room setups - as the HVAC no longer needs to be constantly operating! In smaller grow room setups you may be able to remove the air con unit all together as the heat generated from your LED light - will assist you in maintaining the ideal grow temperatures.

  • Proximity to Plants - LED lights can be hung as low as as few inches from plants to provide optimal light penetration deep into the canopy. If you are growing in a small area then LED lights are the answer to provide you results, always check manufactures guide lines. Our lower profile LED grow light fixtures are perfect for placing close to your plants canopy - as they are designed to spread the light across a more even lighting footprint.

Our full spectrum LED Lights bring many other positives to the table such as they are : simple to install, waterproof, dust proof, daisy-chainable, and give you a Return-on-Investment. Once your grow room is dialed in with your LED Grow Light you can also expect to see - Better Quality, Faster Finishing, More Resin and Increased Density when harvest time comes!


So its down to you - you may decide to run LED all year round or perhaps only in the warmer Summer months - either way all our LED Grow Lights are from reputable manufactures - who only produce high quality grow lighting that are built to last and fit for purpose.