CenturionPro Original Trimmer Electropolished

The CenturionPro Original Trimmer Electropolished is a professional wet & dry trimming machine. Trimming up to 110lbs wet & 22lb dry per hour.

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CenturionPro Original Trimmer Electropolished Product Details

CenturionPro Original Trimmer Electropolished will complete the work of up to 25 people! Trimming up 18-22lbs per hour dry & 90-110lbs per hour wet! Built in Canada using the highest quality Anodized Aluminum and Stainless steel the CenturionPro Original Trimmer is built to last and is perfect for medium-size operations and features the largest hopper in the industry! 

With a 10 minute take down time - the Original Trimmer's main unit can be cleaned easily using a pressure washer and the 16 gauge, 304 stainless steel tumblers can be washed with a little soap & warm water. 

Magnetic blade technology systems:

CenturionPro Original Trimmer Electropolished is complete with a 3 horsepower leaf collector suction system, trim collection system and triple-bag filtration. The unit is complete with spare Quantanium Coated Hybrid Tumbler(s) to ensure you can work around the clock if necessary. 

CenturionPro Original Trimmer Electropolished includes:

  • CenturionPro Original Trimmer
  • Leaf Collector
  • Hopper
  • 2 x Hybrid Tumblers
  • Keif Collection System - 1x Black Mesh Bag, 2x White Nylon Bags
  • See the CenturionPro Original Trimmer in action for yourself - on YouTube!

    Original Trimmer Electropolished benefits include:

    • trims 18-22lbs/hr dry / 90-110lbs/hr wet
    • replaces up to 25 people
    • hardened steel 11 blade cutting reel
    • built from military grade materials
    • 40% greater trichome preservation
    • 3 horsepower leaf collector suction system
    • minimizes waste and handling time
    • 37,500 cuts per minute
    • Dual-Purpose Quantanium Coated Hybrid Tumbler
    • Magnetic Blade Technology 
    • 10 year warranty
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    Size L 120 x W 101 x H 139 cm
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