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Quick Overview

Botanicare Clearex is perfect for removing excess salt build up in hydroponics and container-grown plants in a 3 - 7 day window, without reducing the terpene production time and jeopardizing flavour.
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240ml Clearex240ml Clearex
960ml Clearex960ml Clearex
3.78L Clearex3.78L Clearex
9.46L Clearex9.46L Clearex
18.9L Clearex18.9L Clearex

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Clearex Product Details:

Botanicare Clearex is perfect for removing excess salt build up in hydroponics and container-grown plants in a 3 - 7 day window. Unlike competitors requiring a 10 - 14 day flushing period - which reduces the terpene production time and jeopardize flavours.

How does Clearex work?

Perfect for pre-harvest flushing which many growers implement to improve flavours, whilst also correcting over fertilization and any high levels of mineral based nutrients. Drawing away salts from growing media and plant roots - Clearex will maintain equilibrium whether used as a periodic or preharvest. Forcing plants to assimilate and process internally stored nutrients - Clearex triggers your plant's last reproduction stage - your crops are free from excess salt build-up, and both yield and quality are enhances

How to use Clearex

Mix 2 - 5ml of Clearex to a litre of water. Use only with pure water (Reverse Osmosis). Mix well and adjust pH.

Between Nutrient Changes: Empty any existing solution. Add Clearex to only fresh water and then allow your system to re-circulate for approx 2 hours. Next drain and completely refill the reservoir with the fresh nutrient solution.

Pre-harvest: Empty any existing solution. Refill reservoir with Clearex and fresh water and run solution for the last 3 to 7 days prior to harvest in the ripening period.

For Container Gardens:

Nutrient changes: Drench media until there is around 20 - 40% run off - then continue regular feeding

Pre-harvest: Drench media daily until there is around 10 - 20% run off - start using during the last 3 - 7 days of the ripening period.

Additional Information

Size240ml, 960ml, 3.78L, 9.46L and 18.9L
Suitable ForCOCO, Hydroponics, Soil
Dose2- 5ml per galllon (4.5Litre)
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