DryTrim Dry Bag Trimmer

The DryTrim carefully trims your dry flowers at harvest time using friction - saving you hours when it comes to trimming.

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DryTrim Dry Bag Trimmer Product Details

The DryTrim carefully trims your dry flowers at harvest time - saving you hours when it comes to trimming! Cleverly using the process of friction the DryTrim rotates your product inside its fabric drum. Whilst been rotated all dry leaf matter is removed but due to the DryTrim product design it leaves the majority of essential oils present on the product – and intact. Designed with screens the DryTrim Bag separates your product into 2 separate piles : waste and de-leafed flowers.

DryTrim benefits include:

  • Simple to use and lightweight
  • No blisters or finger ache
  • Mobile & Simple to clean
  • Folds flat in handy carry bag
  • Trims your favourite products in minutes
  • Contains no blades, perishable parts
  • No moving components

How to use the DryTrim

  • The DryTrim uses the friction process therefore it is vital that your product is dry
  • Place your dried product into the large compartment of the DryTrim Bag and zip it up shut
  • Start to rotate the DryTrim Bag clockwise & anti clockwise for a few rotations 
  • Next turn the bag up so the logo is facing upwards - and shake the bag again to help guide leaf matter through screens
  • Unzip the smaller compartment and empty. next open the larger section of the DryTrim Bag where you trimmed product awaits. 
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