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Oxypot DWC Single Kit

Quick Overview

In Oxypots plants are grown in a highly oxygenated nutrient solution that generates explosive plant growth and very high yields. Includes single air pump and stone.
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DWC Single Oxypot KitOxypot Single Kit
Oxypot Single PotOxypot Single Pot
Oxypot Single Lid sideOxypot Single Lid
Oxypot Spare Basket 1Oxypot Spare Basket
Oxypot Elbow AssemblyOxypot Elbow Assembly

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Oxypot Single Kit Product Details:

In Oxypots plants are grown in a highly oxygenated nutrient solution that generates explosive plant growth and very high yields. Each individual oxypot consists of a 20 litre bucket with a 140mm mesh pot in the lid. The plant sits in the mesh pot surrounded by clay pebbles and the roots hang down into the bucket where an air pump and stone infuses the nutrient solution. On the side of the pot is a clear tube that shows the level of nutrients which you should aim to keep 1 to 2 cm's beneath the mesh pot.

Oxypots Usage:

Growing in DWC is pretty straight forward, it's all about keeping your nutrients at the right strength and the right level in the bucket.

Once a week you want to completely empty and refill your oxypot with fresh nutrient solution. Throughout the week as the level of nutrients falls top up your bucket with 1/4 to 1/2 strength nutrient solution to maintain the level and adjust your pH as necessary.

Avoid letting the level of your oxypot fall too low as the less water in the bucket the more toxic the nutrients become. Also keep an eye on your plant health as nutrient strength can fluctuate quite dramatically especially in flower. If the tips of your leaves are going white or yellow this is tip burn caused by over nutrification so lower your nutrient strength or dilute it with more water.

Additional Information

Size35cm x 35cm x 38cm
  1. Great kit!! review by user on 14/12/2018

    simple to use and brings results!

  2. Grow faster!!! review by hydro on 05/12/2018

    love these - i love using them for veg - get that massive root ball growing quicker IMO :) easy to use - if you have EC pen!

  3. great product review by Magdalena on 18/10/2018

    outstanding. hydroponics in its pure form. good quality hydro-pot as well.

  4. Excellent kit! review by Nemesis One on 07/09/2016

    this is a really good bit of kit and stands out from the others due to some really good features.
    1: the tube at the side can also be turned completely around pointing downwards for easier drainage, no need to remove plant.
    2: there are recess lines in the bottom of the pot itself that you can tuck 4mm air stone pump tubing into, keeps it out of the way.
    3: very strong, holds 20L of water easily. Top tip, when fitting the bottom tube tap, make sure you use a washer either side of the pot.
    and always fill with a little water at first to check it doesn't leak, absolute nightmare when you fill it right up then realise.
    Prevention is better than the cure.
    4: Ball type airstones fit really nice and snug in the middle/bottom of it, unlike the flat type,. and you get a ball air stone in this kit.
    the lid has a inspection hole aswell as the main net pot hole,. makes life a lot easier topping up or checking PH

    The air pumps that come with it are excellent and small & you also get 4mm ultra flexible tubing with this kit along with a air stone.
    Overall, bargain for the price and very good quality.
    So good,. my mates just bought one after seeing my two running lol.

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