Eco Grow Water Filter 240L/hr

GrowMax Eco Grow 240L/hr Water filtration system for house plants, flowers and other indoor and outdoor applications. Removes up to 99% of Chlorine, Herbicides, Pesticides, and Volatile Organic Contaminants.
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Replacement 10" Sediment Filter
Replacement 10" Green Carbon Filter
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Eco Grow Filter Unit
1/4" Inline Ball Valve Shut Off

Eco Grow Water Filter 240lph Unit Product Details:

Water filtration system for immediate removal of chlorine and sediment from your water supply. Having chlorine and sediment free water is essential to growing healthy plants and maintaining beneficial micro organisms, bacteria and fungi in your root zone and growing media. These microbes cannot survive in the presence of chlorine. This filter is not designed to lower the PPM / EC of your water. The majority of the PPM / EC are minerals which can only be removed with Reverse Osmosis systems.

Make the change to chlorine free growing for faster growth, healthier fruits and vegetables and stronger plant roots.

The Eco Grow water filter is a high quality 2 stage water filtration system manufactured by GrowMax Water capable of producing up to 240 litres per hour. All GrowMax Water systems use eco-friendly coconut carbon filters that have superior absorption capabilities. Removes up to 99% of Chlorine, Herbicides, Pesticides, and Volatile Organic Contaminants.

Filter units are supplied complete with Inlet tubing, garden hose connector, Sediment filter, Green coconut carbon filter, Outlet tubing and Shut-off valve. A float valve can be purchased separately to top up tanks or reservoirs automatically.

CHANGE FILTERS: Sediment Filter every 6 months, Carbon Filter every 11,000 litres

IMPORTANT: Do not install the system where the incoming water pressure may be more than 6bar / 90psi, pressure can be reduced by installing a pressure regulator. Only use with cold water supply, hot water would damage the filter


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Size 240 lph
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