Entonem Steinernema Feltiae Nematodes 50 Million

Entonem 50 Million Steinernema Feltiae make short work of fungus gnat and thrip problems. Simply mix with water, spray top of growing medium and underside of lower leaves and water plants as normal. Entonem can be kept refrigerated for up to 4 months.
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Entonem Steinernema Feltiae Nematodes 50 Million Product Details:

The live packets of Entonem contain 50 Million Steinernema Feltiae nematodes that are extremely effective against larvae of various immature insects such as sciarid flies (fungus gnats), thrips and black vine weevil. Issues with flies typically occur when grow media is too moist or there is not enough air flow over the top of pots - leaving them unchecked will harm cuttings, seedlings, young plants and damage leaves on mature plants.

Entonem Steinernema Feltiae Target and Control:

  • Larvae of sciarid flies (fungus gnats)
  • Thrip pupae and larvae
  • Black vine weevil larvae

How do Entonem Steinernema Feltiae Nematodes Work:

Entonem Steinernema Feltiae actively search for prey then enter larvae via openings in the mouth and respiratory system. Once inside they will begin to feed and release bacteria that will multiply and spread inside the insect larvae quickly, typically killing the host in only a few days. The bacteria will break down host larva into material Entonem Steinernema Feltiae feed on. In the days following application you will notice less insect activity if problems persist repeat the treatment weekly as long as necessary.

How to Use Entonem Steinernema Feltiae Nematodes:

Entonem Steinernema Feltiae grow media application.

  • Water grow media before and after application.
  • Add dose of Entonem to water at room temperature and mix well.
  • Apply mixture with a sprayer or watering can evenly to the surface of the growing media.
  • Remember to water your plants after application.

Entonem Steinernema Feltiae foliar leaf application for thrip larvae.

  • Add dose of Entonem to water at room temperature and mix well.
  • Wetting agent can also be added to aid application.
  • Spray mixture evenly on plant leaves.
  • Repeat weekly until pests are under control.

Environmental Conditions for Application of Entonem Steinernema Feltiae:

The humidity content of growing medium must be high, don't apply to dry medium it should be at least damp. Temperatures between 8-33°C

Entonem Steinernema Feltiae Storage and handling:

  • temperature 2-6°C 36-42°F
  • Keep in the dark
  • Keep refrigerated
  • Use before expiry date (usually 4 months from purchase)

What do Entonem Steinernema Feltiae Look Like in Appearance

Infected insect larvae colour will turn yellow to light brown and become slightly slimy. This makes nematodes difficult to observe in the soil, coco or growing media.

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Size 50 million
Effective Against Fungus Gnats, Thrips
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