Evolution CO2 Complete Kit

Evolution CO2 Complete Kit will speed up photosynthesis your yields as harvest will be bigger and better, enriching your grow area with carbon dioxide.
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Evolution CO2 Complete Kit Product Details:

The Evolution CO2 Complete kit will use infrared technology the level of CO2 in your grow area will be monitored closely. Utilizing the state of the art Evolution CO2 Controller and Evolution CO2 Regulator, all that is required is a C02 Cylinder and you can begin to enrich your grow area with carbon dioxide.

As you are enriching the grow area with fresh CO2 - speeding up the photosynthesis process your yields as harvest will be bigger and better. The control unit will send signals to the gas regulator to instruct how much CO2 should be released in real time to your growing environment. Extremely cost effective the Evolution CO2 Complete Kits contain: 1 x Ecotechnics CO2 Regulator, 1 x Ecotechnics CO2 Controller, 1 x Ecotechnics CO2 Sensor - and will bring the below benefits to your grow area and plants:

  • Intelligent Multi Stage CO2 dosing
  • Fully programmable - with multi language support
  • Expendable system
  • Increases quantity and quality of the final yield
  • Speeds up photosynthesis
  • Full 1 year warranty made in UK
  • 100% reliable made from high quality components
  • Optional Fan control
  • Night and Day Sensors
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