Green LED Work Light

A powerful rechargeable green LED light, you can use the light free standing or fix it to a surface with the heavy duty grip.
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Green LED Work Light Product Details:

Lumii Green LED's - See, but keep your plants in the dark!

A powerful rechargable green LED work light, you can use the light free standing or use the high strength grip to attach it to surfaces. 10w ultra bright high intensity led's deliver 600 lumens of green light which lets you work in your growing environment during the plants night time without interrupting the photoperiod.

  • Perfect for checking large gardens without interuption of the photoperiod.
  • Heavy duty clip included for easy fixing of the unit.
  • Tilting mechanism provides illumination wherever it is needed.
  • RECHARGABLE compact design.
  • 10w high intensity green led's
  • 600 lumens.
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Size 10w - 600 lumens
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