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CDM / CMH Grow Lights

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CDM / CHM Grow Lighting

Hydrohobby CDM Grow Light Kits are perfect for growing your plant all year round CDM Grow Lamps emit UVA & UVB ultraviolet wavelengths of light which increase the production of flavonoids, essential oils, terpenes and vitamin D. Modestly priced the Lumii Solar 315w CDM Grow Light is £209.95 and Lumii Solar 630W CDM Twin Grow Light - £389.95 offering double the spectrum. These are an affordable CDM Grow Lighting System that will deliver results providing your plants a more close to natural sunlight spectrum which they will thrive from. 

Defender Adjust-A-Wings Kit 315w CMH

For a larger grow floor area space the Defender Adjust-A-Wings Kit 315w and Defender Adjust-A-Wings Kit 630w CMH Grow Kits are complete with an advanced parabolic reflector that maximises downward light reflection whilst smoothing out hot spots. This is the legendary Defender Adjust-A-Wing Reflector which allows you easily adjust the reflector to match your plants current growth stage. Powered by a solid & reliable Hellion CDM Ballast kits are complete with a Super Spreader which fights heat spots making them no longer be a problem.

Why you should consider CDM Grow Lighting?

See below benefits of CDM Grow Lighting System at Hydrohobby, our other high quality systems include CDM Lighting available include - Maxibright Daylight CDM Lighting Systems, Dimlux Expert CDM Light System and the latest DLI CRI Series 315w Grow Light:

  • Plants will receive a broader light spectrum & UVA & UVB Wavelengths
  • Larger yields & Better plant health
  • More flower sites, bushier plants with tighter internode spaces
  • Bigger root development for more crops
  • More flavour, aroma, oils and vitamin D