Carbon Filters

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Carbon Filters

Selecting a high quality carbon filter is important, it needs to match the extractor so that it can perform to it's full potential. We provide only high quality Carbon Filters to suit all budgets and grow environments. With many carbon filters available on the market - a cheap non branded carbon filter, will not provide you with sufficient performance and will not clean the air before expelling it.

Regardless of your budget all Hydrohobby Carbon Filters are fit for purpose starting at £27.99 for a RAM Pro Active Carbon Filters to larger carbon filters such as the CarboAir 100 Carbon Filter Range which start from £329.95 complete with a 18 months guarantee. Filled with a 100mm bed of virgin activated granular carbon - large volumes of air will be moved, whilst any unwanted smells will be eliminated from your grow room.

Rhino Pro Carbon Filters

The original classic filter that is still selling strong. Rhino Pro Carbon Filters are affordable and fit for purpose. Using high quality 50mm bed RC412 activated carbon and featuring an unique “Anti Air Bypass” system, Rhino Carbon Filters will last around 24 months giving you super performance without breaking the bank!

Mountain Air Carbon Filters

Mountain air carbon filters will last for 2 to 3 years making them a solid investment for any serious grower starting at £69.95, using Australian-mined RC412 carbon (the best in the world) to provide superior air cleaning performance - ensuring that all smell and odour are absorbed. Mountain Air Fans include a spare filter sleeve.