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Grow Tent Kits

When it comes to value for money grow tent kits look no further than HydroHobby. We have been selling hydroponics equipment for over 15 years and know our brands like the back of our hands - ensuring we only sell the best!

Our latest Grow Tent Kits for 2018 - will provide you with only high quality components that will work in unison creating the perfect environment for your plants and flowers to flourish.

Basic 600w Grow Tent Kits

We put together the top seller Lumii BLACK Lighting System, HS120 Hydro Shoot Grow Tent and first class RVK Extraction with RAM Filter. You can opt for magnetic or digital versions - all timers, light hangers, ducting and clips are provided - you just need to add you growing system of choice.

From only £234.95 Magnetic Ballast Kit or £269.95 with Dimmable Digital Ballast - our Basic 600w Grow Tents provide you quality components and value for money. Our Deluxe 600w Grow Tent Kit offers you more featuring the Lumatek 600w Dimmable Ballast, the solid LightHouse MAX Grow Tent , Adjust-A-Wing Enforcer Reflector, Humidifier, Ocisllitating Fan, Twin Fan Controller and much more see full specification here.

750w Hellion Kit

Featuring the famous 750w DE Adjust-A-Wings Hellion Light System - this Grow Tent Kit takes you into 400V Doubled Ended Lamp Technology. Reap those benefits of Double Lamps - for £949.95 - complete with 1.5m Lighthouse MAX XL Grow Tent Kit is ready to deliver huge yields! 

Gavita Grow Tent Kits

Our 1000 Watt Gavita Kit features the E series Gavita Pro-Line ballast which allows you to change the light output between 600w, 750w, 825w, 1000w, 1150w as well as an EXT setting to turn over control to the Gavita Master Control Unitwhich is included with all Gavita Grow Kits - our Intense Gavita Kit features the Gavita Master Controller EL2 which will also allow you to add additional control equipment such as heaters, dehumidifiers etc by using ECM1 contactors.

All our customers enjoy all the benefits that come with 400V Lighting Technology - and when you purchase a kit at Hydrohobby - the components in the kits are of correct specification to AVOID you having issues when using 1000w Double Ended Lamp Technology mainly HIGH TEMPS.....Seriously our Gavita Grow Tent Kits will save you time - money and a lot of stress - example trying to match fans for adequate extraction, control high humidity, high temps.. the list is endless..

Our 1000w Gavita Kit G1 Grow Tent Kit start at £1,599.95 this includes 1 x 1000 Watt Gavita Kit features the E series Gavita Pro-Line ballast, Gavita Mammoth G1 Grow Tent and all the additional components to get you growing.

We offer a further 4 choices of Gavita Grow Tent Light Kits availabe - just select your method of growing your favorite crops and your good to grow!