EasyFeed Systems

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EasyFeed Systems

When it comes to a simply growing systems that rely on no power source or electricity - then EasyFeed System ticks all boxes. Offering you total flexibility in pot layout kits are available in sizes from 2 pot to 100 pot systems in various pot sizes : 10, 16, 20, 30 size pots.

The EasyFeed Float Valve in each plant tray ensures plants only consume as much nutrient solution as required at timely intervals selected by the EasyFeed Water Timer. EasyFeed Systems are competitively priced and fully expandable by adding individual EasyFeed Tray(s).

Camo Water Tank

All EasyFeed System kits are available with or without a solid collapsible Camo Tank in sizes : 120, 280, 550 & 780 litre sizes. We stock all EasyFeed system spares, including the EasyFeed Water Timer, EasyFeed Fabric Pots and more to keep your system in full operation.