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What are Hydroponics Systems?

In its simplest form, hydroponics systems provide the ability for growers to cultivate their plants in a water based, nutrient rich solution. Hydroponics systems give plants direct access to nutrients and air, the two main elements a plant needs for healthy growth. Unlike traditional growing techniques, hydroponics systems rely on mediums such as rockwool, clay pellets and grow stones in order to support plants. The lack of soil means that plants spend less time and energy searching for nutrients, and are also less susceptible to pests and fungi. Hydroponics systems allow for greater levels of control over a plants growth. The ability to tailor a plants nutrients in take, time of feed and pH levels can result in better plant health snd increased yields. Different Types of Hydroponics Systems There are a range of different hydroponics systems available, each varying in there complexity and methods of providing plants with nutrients.

NFT Hydroponics Systems (Nutrient Film Technique Hydroponic Systems)

Nutrient Film Technique Hydroponic Systems was developed in the mid 1960's by Dr.Alan Cooper, a scientist at the Glasshouse Crops Research Station in England. To this day many customers swear by NFT as the best hydroponics system when it comes to soilless - hydroponic growing due to it's simplicity. NFT systems works by having a shallow stream of nutrient solution that is constantly recirculated past the plants bare root - which are suspended in a watertight gully (aka channels). Its important that the stream of solution is shallow - in fact no more than a 'film of water' - hence the name Nutrient Film Technique.

Flood and Drain Hydroponics Systems

For a simple, uncomplicated system - that brings results every time then consider Flood and Drain Systems. Often know as Ebb and Flow this system has been around for many years and the method is simple. Plants sit in pots (or trays) in a medium such as a mix of clay pebbles/coco coir which hold the root ball allowing root to hang into the reservoir. Next plant roots are flooded with your nutrient solution for around 5 to 10 minutes (depending on your timer settings) before - been drained away back into the nutrient reservoir until the next flood. Each time that water is forced through the buckets and growing media - stale air is expelled from around the root ball - and replaced with fresh oxygen as it drains away back to the nutrient tank With a pump and air stone in your nutrient tank ensuring your solution keeps aerated - using this system brings only success - leaving you to focus on your nutrient tanks EC and pH levels.

Run to Waste Hydroponic Systems

Run waste hydroponic systems bring amazing results for your plants growing them disease free and healthy. All the grower needs to do is maintain the nutrient tank's pH and EC. These systems aren't complicated once set up as the IWS Control Unit (the Brain) of the system does the work - once you have configured your feeding frequencies. Run to Waste Systems Hydroponic Systems will all bring you the below benefits:  Superb pH stability during all growth. EC Stability in nutrient tank is maintained. PH doesn't fluctuate as much. Nutrients are never depleted as plant roots receive fresh nutrient solution every feed. Less chance of sodium chloride build ups where mains water is used. Less chance of pathogen and bacteria build up. Less overall maintenance & easy flushing

DWC Hydroponics Systems (Deep Water Culture hydroponic Systems)

With no complicated set up or timers DWC Hydroponics Systems. One of the most expensive hydroponics systems, but well worth the investment. Just fill your DWC bucket with nutrient solution add your plants to the net pots and clay pellets, switch on the power to the air pump and your set up is ready to start growing. DWC systems increases the amount of oxygen available to your plants roots, helping them grow.

Regardless of your preferred hydroponics system, HydroHobby have a wide range of growing equipment perfect for your needs. Whether you are an experienced grower using some of the more complexed equipment on the market, or a first time grower seeking a simple set up. We can assist you in find the system you need. If you have any questions regarding techniques or setting up your hydroponics system, we are more than happy to help. Either call us or visit our store.