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IWS Autodrain Systems

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  1. IWS AutoDrain 6 Pot Kit

    The AutoDrain 6 Pot Kit is a very flexible system that reduces time feeding and solves the issue of emptying run off from saucers. AutoDrain system suitable for hand or drip feeding. Plant spacing is easily adjusted buy cutting pipe to length.
  2. IWS AutoDrain 6 Add On Kit

    IWS AutoDrain 6 Add On Kit to expand your AutoDrain system, includes 6 AutoDrain stands, fittings and flexible tube. If you have a drain at floor level the Autodrain stands can be used without the control pot.
  3. IWS AutoDrain Dripper Kit

    IWS AutoDrain Dripper Kit includes tube, 6 drippers and fittings to start your AutoDrain dripper system. In addition you will need a suitable water pump, tank and timer.
  4. IWS AutoDrain Dripper Kit Add On

    IWS AutoDrain Dripper add on Kit includes tube, 6 drippers and fittings to extend your AutoDrain system. Alternatively drippers and fittings can be be purchased separately to build a custom drip feed system.
  5. IWS AutoDrain Stand

    IWS AutoDrain Stands suitable for pots with a base no larger than 35cm, flat on top so pots sit straight, tapper drainage no run off left behind, ridges to support drainage pipe and dripper supply tube.
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5 Item(s)

IWS Autodrain System

Using the cleverly designed AutoDrain Pot Stands, IWS gives you an affordable way to benefit from flood and drain starting at £199.99 for 6 Pot IWS Kit. The system can be easily expanded further to a 12 pot system by adding an IWS AutoDrain 6 Pot Kit, giving you total flexibility the system can be utilized via hand-watering.

For a fully automated system you can add a water pump, dripper system, tank and timer – if you have drains at floor level the system can be used without the AutoDrain control pot, working as a run to waste system.