NFT Systems

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NFT Systems

If you’re looking for rapid root development and big yields then NFT systems will deliver every time! Around since the 70's the NFT system is extremely popular to this day, due to it's simple maintenance, easy setup and cost effectiveness to run.

Muti-Duct NFT & GT Series

Multi-Duct NFT 600 series kits are large scale NFT systems that are available in four configurations. And perfect for large scale grow areas. For the smaller grow space the GT Range is perfect staring as low as £44.99 – and is perfect for growing between 1 to 3 plants.

What every your choice of hydroponic nutrients - providing you measure and mix the correct amounts of nutrients, check EC, pH levels and ensure the tank never runs dry - success is around the corner and some serious roots! We've been selling NFT systems for over fifteen years with and all our systems are complete, with you only needing to purchase your desired size rockwool blocks.