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Canna Growing Media

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  1. Canna COCO Professional Plus - 50 Litre

    COCO Professional Plus is one of the most popular growing mediums in the world, made from natural fibre made from dried coconut husks. COCO looks and feels like soil but is nutritionally inert.
  2. 50L Canna Bio Terra Organic Soil

    Canna Bio-Terra is an organic rated soil from Canna to be used in conjunction with their BioCanna organic nutrient range.
  3. Canna Terra Professional Soil - 50 Litre

    Terra Professional is a very dependable soil, it contains a blend of soil, compost, perlite, worm castings and a special 'plant booster' consisting of blended organic ingredients.
  4. Canna Terra Professional Plus Soil - 50 Litre

    50L Canna Terra Professional Plus is a custom soil created to be the purest possible soil mix available.
  5. Canna COCO Pebble Mix - 50 Litre

    COCO Pebble is a premium mixture of CANNA Coco Professional Plus (60%) and CANNA Aqua Clay Pebbles (40%).
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5 Item(s)