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Rockwool Cubes

Rockwool is very popular amongst growers as it helps to start their seedlings and root their cuttings. It is a very effective growth media in hydroponics as it has great water and air sustainability. Rockwool might be known by some people as mineral stone or the more common stone wool. Rockwell cubes are one of the most popular substrates within the hydroponics industry. It is also perfect for smaller, first time growers that can get the same quality result but on a smaller scale.

What are Rockwool Cubes?

Rockwool is made from the natural materials of basalt rock and chalk, melted together at 1600 C then blown in to a mass spinning block which turns the lava like liquid in to fibers which we call Rockwool. This is then cut down into more manageable Rockwool cubes.

Growing in Rockwool Cubes

Propagation is one of the primary stages of growing development, with the use of Rockwool cubes, your plants will go from seedling to a robust plant within a short period of time. Basic Rockwool products will usually drain after irrigation. A typical rockwool cube sustains 80% nutrient, 15% air space and 5% fibre.

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