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Scissors and Drying Racks


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  1. Lighthouse Round Drying Net

    Lighthouse drying nets feature a sturdy construction and a massive 75cm diameter with up to six shelves. Fits perfectly inside the LITE 0.76m tent.
  2. Stainless Steel Precision Pruners

    Made from high grade stainless steel the razor sharp blades ensuring precision and accuracy every cut. Stainless Steel Precision Pruners are ergonomic in design to provide maximum comfort.

    Starting at: £4.95

  3. Titanium Coated Precision Pruners

    The new Titanium Coated Precision Pruners will provide you accuracy using razor sharp titanium blades. Ergonomically designed for comfort with soft hand grips.

    Starting at: £5.50

  4. Shield Vinyl Disposable Gloves

    Shield Vinyl Gloves Shield Clear Vinyl Disposable Gloves are lightly powered making them easy to put over your hands.

    Starting at: £0.30

  5. Chop Chop Trimming Scissors

    Chop Chop Trimming Scissors are a premium grade plant trimming scissors.
  6. Integra Boost Humidity Packs

    The solution has arrived that will preserve your precious herbs - with humidity control that adapts and responds to its environment! INTERGA BOOST Humidiccant – ensures your product stays at its best.

    Starting at: £1.25

  7. Hanging Drying Racks

    Hanging Drying Racks 8 Layered 55cm x 160cm provides 8 tiers to perfectly dry your fruits and flowers. The collapsible rack folds flat and is made from high quality mesh netting to ensure your products dry evenly.
  8. Chikamasa TP-530S Pruners

    A superior range of pruners and shears the Chikamasa TP-530S Pruners are second to none. Offering an ergonomic style that is lightweight in design to reduce hand aching.
  9. Stackable Drying Racks

    Easy to use and versatile drying system.
  10. Stainless Steel Curved Shears

    Providing you precise and accurate cuts each time the Stainless Steel Curved Shears are ergonomic in design and light weight for comfort.
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Items 1 to 10 of 32 total