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Temperature and Humidity



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  1. Digital Combo Hygrometer with Probe

    Takes two sets of minmax temp readings, one from the unit and a second from the external probe which you place in your water source.
  2. Digital Min-Max Hygrometer

    Hygrometers will take minimum and maximum reading of both temp and humidity so you will know how hot and cold your environment becomes.
  3. AirComfort Wireless Temperature Humidity Sensor

    AirComfort will store temperature and humidity data for up to 100 days of your grow room environment. Transferred to your mobile phone via Bluetooth in a graphical view - when you are within 10 meters away.
  4. GrowGadgets Laser Thermometer

    The GrowGadgets Laser Thermometer is excellent tool for any grower - who knows that the optimal leaf temperature is vital in your grow room environment for rapid growth and healthy yields.
  5. Lighthouse Wireless Thermostat

    The LightHouse Wireless Thermostat offers you automated control of your Heating or Cooling equipment to maintain the minimum and maximum set target temperatures in your grow room.
  6. Bluelab Pulse Meter

    When it comes to monitoring your moisture, nutrient and temperature the Blue Lab Pulse Meter will transfer data to your mobile phone safely and securely with ease via the Pulse App.
  7. Plastic Thermometer

    Plastic Thermometer contains no mercury - so there is no need to worry should it be cracked. Providing you precise grow room temperature , at an affordable price.
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7 Item(s)