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Air Pumps and Air Stones

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  1. Hailea Budget Air Pumps

    Hailea Budget air pumps are cost effective and reliable pumps that are suitable for aerating nutrient solutions or can be used to run oxypot or bubbler systems.

    Starting at: £5.99

  2. BubbleGen Hydroponic Bubble Generator

    With an integral silencer the BubbleGen Hydroponic Bubble Generator features twin jets designed to circulate and oxygenate your nutrient solution - replacing the need for an air stones, air pumps or circulation pumps.
  3. Hailea Adjustable Air Pumps

    Hailea Adjustable Air Pumps are reliable well built units that let you turn the power up and down depending on your requirements. available in 1, 2, 4 and 8 outlet versions.

    Starting at: £9.50

  4. ET Series Blower Air Pumps

    ET Series Blower pumps are capable of running larger and more air stones than standard air pumps which makes them ideal for DWC and bubbler systems.

    Starting at: £69.99

  5. Hailea V-Series Air Pumps

    V-series air pumps are top of the line pumps from Hailea that are amongst the quietest models we stock and are suitable for numerous hydroponic applications.

    Starting at: £34.99

  6. Large Ball Airstone

    Large ball airstones, excellent for use in bubblers and oxypots.
  7. Small Ball Airstone

    Small ball airstone suitable for aerating nutrient solutions or perfect for use in bubblers or oxypots.
  8. VolumeAir Round Air Stones

    VolumeAir round Airstones are large scale stones excellent for aerating your nutrient solution or are very good for use in Bubbler systems. Available in 100mm, 150mm and 200mm sizes.

    Starting at: £3.99

  9. Bubbler Line per meter

    Bubbler Line is a porous piping that works like an airstone.
  10. 4mm Airline per metre

    High quality 4mm airline for connecting airpumps and airstones together.
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Items 1 to 10 of 14 total