Kalong Bloom

Kalong Bloom is an Organic liquid plant nutrient for use in soil and COCO during the growth phase of plant development - bringing you excellent results.

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Kalong Bloom product details:

For use in both coco and soil system Kalong Bloom Organic liquid contains stimulants required for microbes which live in the grow medium. Promoting healthy root function, maximising the bloom period and enhancing crop yields. Designed to work alongside Guanokalong Powder – their combined organic nutrient profile gives stunning result.


Kalong Bloom Use:

  • Use: Mix 1 kg with 100 to 200 litres compost in the 1st week, or mix 1 measuring beaker of 50 grams per plant in a 7-litre pot
  • Outdoors: 1 plant = 100 gram every 2 months, starting in April.


More Information
Size 1 Litre, 5 Litre
Suitable For COCO, Soil, Soil (Organic)
NPK 6-0-3
Dose 18 hours : 1-2 ml/L and 12 hours : 1-2 ml/L for first 2 weeks
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