Kalong Grow

Kalong Grow is an Organic liquid plant nutrient for use in soil and COCO during the growth phase of plant development - bringing you excellent results

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Kalong Grow product details:

Designed to work alongside Guanokalong Powder, Kalong Liquid – is 100% organic delivering excellent results using a mixture of vinasess and animal proteins. For use in soil and coco systems it contains the vital stimulates needed for microbes to promote healthy root growth and development.


Kalong Grow benefits include:

  • Immediate release giving controlled cultivation
  • Can be used with soil or coco
  • Low salt index – making it non aggressive to root system
  • Long release of nutrients
  • Encourages and simulates micro life in medium


Kalong Grow Use:

  • 18 hours – 1-2 ml/L
  • 12 hours – 1-2 ml/L for first 2 weeks


More Information
Size 1 Litre, 5 Litre
Suitable For COCO, Soil, Soil (Organic)
NPK 6-0-3
Dose 18 hours : 1-2 ml/L and 12 hours : 1-2 ml/L for first 2 weeks
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