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Lumatek Dimmable Digital Ballasts

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Quick Overview

Advanced range of digital ballasts that feature low energy consumption, dimmable light output settings so you can change your light intensity for different stages of plant development and super lumens settings so you can turbo charge your lights.
Product NamePriceQty
400 Watt Dimmable Lumatek Digital Ballast400 Watt Dimmable Lumatek Digital Ballast

Regular Price: £104.99

Special Price £99.95

600 Watt Dimmable Lumatek Digital Ballast600 Watt Dimmable Lumatek Digital Ballast

Regular Price: £132.99

Special Price £119.95

1000 Watt Dimmable Lumatek Digital Ballast1000 Watt Dimmable Lumatek Digital Ballast

Regular Price: £209.95

Special Price £199.95

Availability: In stock


Lumatek Dimmable Digital Ballasts Product Details:

Dimmable Lumatek Digital Ballasts offer many benefits such as low energy consumption and 'super lumens' to boost your lamp output but they also include a dimmer function so you can manipulate the light output during the different stages of plant development. What this enables you to do is run your lights at a lower wattage during veg growth where the plants don't need high light levels (saving you electricity) and then up the output to maximum with super lumens during flowering growth to maximize your yield. Dimmable Lumatek digital ballasts are available in 3 versions:

  • The 600 Watt Dimmable Lumatek has 4 settings 400w, 400w super lumens, 600w and 600w super lumens.
  • The 400 Watt Dimmable Lumatek has 4 settings 250w, 250w super lumens, 400w and 400w super lumens.
  • The 1000 Watt Dimmable Lumatek has 4 settings 600w, 600w super lumens, 1000w and 1000w super lumens.


If you want to use metal halide lamps with Dimmable Lumatek Digital Ballasts you cannot use the dimmer function or the super lumens settings, at best it will not work, at worst it will permanently damage your lamps. To use metal halide set the dimmer switch to the exact wattage (no super lumens) of the bulb you are using. When using the dimmer switch with a sodium bulb always allow the unit to run for 10 minutes before changing the bulb output.

Lumatek Ballasts have a 5 year warranty as standard.


Lumatek Digital Ballasts Top Tip

A word of warning! when using dimmable Lumatek ballasts do not wait too long to raise the light output. Maximize your lumen output as soon as you begin flowering. If you leave your light running at the lower wattage too long into the flowering cycle your plants will set themselves up to yield according to the lower light level regardless of whether you turn it up later.

Additional Information

Size400w, 600, 1000w (240V)
Light TypeHID
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