Maxibright PL2 110w Propagation Light

The Maxibright PL2 110w Progation lighting system features two PL55 lamps for propagation and early vegetative growth.
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Maxibright PL2 110w Propagation Light Product Details:

MaxiBright’s first class high quality propagation light uses the efficient PL55 Lamps which convert more electricity into usable light – via its 2 blue spectrum's for propagation and early vegetative growth. A single Maxibright PL2 110w propagation light can easily a large propagator and two at a stretch.

The reflector is constructed from solid hammered anodised aluminium to give maximum reflectivity and the main body fished in white assisting to keep temperatures down giving you great results.

The Maxibright PL2 110w will only be able to grow small plants so you can do cuttings with it and you can veg your plants but once they reach 20cm to 30cm in size you will need to get them under a bigger HPS sodium or metal halide lamp.

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Size 57cm (l) x 24cm (w) x 7cm (h)
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