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MaxiJet Water Pumps

Quick Overview

MaxiJet pumps are some of the most popular models on the market. MaxiJet pumps are rugged, reliable and suitable for many applications. Fits 13mm flexible or standard pipe.
Product NamePriceQty
MaxiJet MJ500 (480L/hr - 93cm lift)MaxiJet MJ500 (480L/hr - 93cm lift)
MaxiJet MJ750 (670L/hr - 164cm lift)MaxiJet MJ750 (670L/hr - 164cm lift)
MaxiJet MJ1000 (1000L/hr - 148cm lift)MaxiJet MJ1000 (1000L/hr - 148cm lift)

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MaxiJet Water Pumps Product Details:

MaxiJet pumps are some of the most popular models on the market. MaxiJet pumps are rugged, reliable and suitable for many applications. MaxiJets are used in all but the smallest flood and drain systems, in all the MD Multi Duct NFT systems and numerous other hydroponic kits.

Each Maxijet water pump is supplied with instructions and comes wired ready to use with 2m of cable and 13amp plug. In hard water areas we strongly recommend descaling your Maxijet water pump periodically to stop hardwater deposits building up.

Fits 13mm flexible tubing or 13mm standard tubing with a ratchet clip.

Additional Information

Size480, 670, 1000 l/hr
  1. Superb Pump review by Nemesis One on 01/09/2016

    I own the MJ1000 to supply feed from my reservoir tank to pots via drip irrigation so my review will be based on that one, which is the top of the range so all the other pumps are going to be just as good but only differ in their power.

    I run 6 20L airpots in a 120 x 240 x 220 tent so the run to the pots is quite a way.
    I have one main feedline from my pump, which sits in my 95L floor tank, to the middle of the pots on the floor and it pumps up into my 8 drip lines with no problem at all with lots of pressure, so much I have to regulate it by connecting a 4mm tap, then I just adjust the tap so the flow turns into a drip.
    The best features about this pump are you can turn the outlet nozzle around 360 degrees, you can also remove the central pump assembly by removing this nozzle and you can even buy spares for them.
    It runs really really quiet in a tank of 95L of water and can pump the water to a height of 148cm with ease, even over a distance of 10 meters, as I run it from my tank to my downstairs toilet just to see how far this little thing could pump, and it did it! no problem, gravity helped of course but its still impressive as the pump itself is tiny!
    In the box you get the pump, front filter cage and some really cool removable sucker feet and removable stand, it can fit into the tank at any angle,
    ive got mine stuck to the bottom of the side of my tank, so the front of it (intake tube) is 1cm above the bottom so it drains everything out of it.
    The stand is also removable so you can just lie it on its side if you choose to.
    But I find the best feature of this pump is you can run it under water or out of water as an inline pump, just connect tubing to the front inlet pipe and the outlet pipe.
    Top notch pump and would buy this again.

  2. purchase review by toffeeman on 03/03/2016

    first time i have used hydrohobby i found the site easy to use and delivery was prompt excellent service

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