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Nutrients Boosters

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  1. Mills Nutrients C4 Flower Enhancer

    A sophisticated blend of micro and macro nutrients, carbohydrates plus trace minerals - that are going to provide you with only heavier yields with more oil and sugar production.

    Starting at: £19.95

  2. Kind Grow

    Maximizing root growth and full canopy Kind Grow is a blend of all natural ingredients. Used alongside Kind Base will provide the correct amounts of potassium to nitrogen - required for fast flowering plants.

    Starting at: £16.95

  3. Kind Bloom

    Kind Bloom provides optimal phosphorous to potassium to your plants encouraging a flowering, strong stalk & branch development and will increase your yield at harvest.

    Starting at: £16.95

  4. Kind Base

    Kind Base is a unique rich formula containing calcium with no sulphur, magnesium or trace minerals present - promoting the flow of nitrogen and sugars.

    Starting at: £16.95

  5. Calmag Plus

    Compensating for any deficiencies this specialized blend of magnesium, calcium, and iron - included in Calmag Plus, will also address the natural calcium draw present - when growing in coco coir.

    Starting at: £8.50

  6. Hydroguard

    Hydroguard contains the unique beneficial bacteria - Bacillus Amyloliquefaciens, selected for its ability to enhance the relationship between plant roots and their surrounding medium.

    Starting at: £12.95

  7. Hydroplex

    For pushing crops to their harvest limits - the premium Hydroplex nutrient is the key. Working in unison with any nutrient line ensuring that you grow big blooms - during flower.

    Starting at: £16.95

  8. Liquid Karma

    Complementing any feed program Liquid Karma is formulated with natural and organic ingredients - that will promote the microbial colonization in your chosen growing media and enhance nutrient uptake.

    Starting at: £13.95

  9. Rhizo Blast

    Comprising a blend of seaweed, minerals and single-celled algae - Chlorella - that encourages root development Rhizo Blast outshines any other on the market.

    Starting at: £39.95

  10. Silica Blast

    To assist your plants to flourish in extreme environments Silica Blast - will thicken plant tissue enabling them to develop in high heat, frost or drought conditions.

    Starting at: £8.50

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Items 1 to 10 of 270 total