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Advanced Nutrients

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  1. 1L Rhino Skin

    Rhino Skin provides your plants with a healthy dose of silicon that strengthens the cell walls and stems of your plants to greatly improve nutrient uptake.
  2. 1L Nirvana

    Nirvana is a 100% organic flowering stimulator that optimizes the size, taste and potency of your crops.
  3. Carboload

    An easy to use liquid additive that provides your plants with both simple and complex carbohydrates, boosting health and energy.

    Starting at: £21.95

  4. Bud Ignitor

    Bud Ignitor is used during the first two weeks of blooming to create a bounty of flowering sites and get maximum flowering per inch of stem.

    Starting at: £53.95

  5. Bud Candy

    Bud Candy will provide your plants root zone with a burst of energy and provide beneficial microbes directly to the plant root zone.

    Starting at: £47.95

  6. B52

    Advanced B52 contains a high concentraion of synthetic B-Vitamins which boost your plants ability to absorb high output nutrients resulting in much more vigorous plant growth.

    Starting at: £37.95

  7. Overdrive

    Overdrive is a flowering booster that provides your plants with a large dose of phosphorous and potassium to pack on extra weight prior to harvest.

    Starting at: £33.95

  8. Voodoo Juice

    Voodoo Juice provides maximum root development in your plants resulting in greater overall plant health and development.

    Starting at: £39.95

  9. Bud Factor X

    Bud Factor X makes all the difference if Magnesium deficiencies have been a problem, balances the use of high potassium hydroponic fertilizers. Solves common deficiency symptoms such as interveinal chlorosis in older leaves, curling of leaves upward along margins and marginal yellowing.

    Starting at: £45.95

  10. Sensizym

    Sensizym supercharges your root zone, making nutrients more available to your plants by breaking down root zone debris and assisting root zone development.

    Starting at: £30.95

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Items 1 to 10 of 17 total

Advanced Nutrients

With a demand worldwide and a strong on-line presence to match every grower has heard of Advanced Nutrients. Manufacturing all productS from the best ingredients under strict quality control Advanced Nutrients are the only company to provide growers with an unprecedented 100% guarantee!

Tarantula Liquid

Giving your plants the correct concentration of micro-organisms is vital for a strong and healthy root system, which will then increase your yield and harvest quality. Using Tarantula Liquid will maximise your plant growth rate, yields, nutrient uptake and whilst decomposing organic matter to create more nutrition.

Sensi Grow and Sensi Bloom

Sensi Grow base nutrient will ensure a strong plant structure, rapid growth and green healthy leaves - a combination which will bring optimum results throughout the vegetative phase. When the flowering phase arrives Sensi Bloom - provides high quality blend of components required for a heavy and healthy flowering period - such as fulvates, L-form amino acids and humates. Using the additives - Voodoo Juice, Overdrive and B52 will further maximise your results when growing with Advanced Nutrients.

With simply to follow feeding charts on our website for each product, Advanced Nutrients and Additives still - stand solidly in the hydroponic marketplace in high demand at Hydrohobby. Give us a call or pop in for any information on Advanced Nutrients Products, we are open 7 days a week.