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BioBizz Nutrients

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  1. BioBizz Bio Grow

    Bio-Grow is a liquid organic grow nutrient, which can be applied to most types of soil and substrate mixtures.

    Starting at: £5.95

  2. BioBizz pH Up

    100% natural Biobizz pH + is made from a humic acid based formulation harvested from natural sources and can be used in every watering during vegetative & flowering phases.

    Starting at: £5.95

  3. BioBizz pH Down

    100% natural Biobizz pH- is made from a citric acid that is found in various citrus fruits such as lemons and can be used in every watering during vegetative & flowering phases.

    Starting at: £4.95

  4. BioBizz Acti Vera

    BioBizz Acti Vera - with give your plants what they need, strengthening immune system, nutrient absorption, increasing metabolism and more. Extracted from Aloe Vera Plant it's 100% vegan and organic.

    Starting at: £5.95

  5. BioBizz Fish Mix

    Fish-Mix is an organic fish emulsion from the North Sea mixed extract of Dutch sugar beet. Fish-Mix enables substrates to stimulate bacterial flora and accelerates growth.

    Starting at: £6.95

  6. BioBizz Alg A Mic

    Revitalizing product made from a high- grade, organic seaweed concentrate, Alg-A-Mic destresses plants after overfeeding, deficiencies, plant diseases or heat stress.

    Starting at: £8.95

  7. BioBizz Bio Heaven

    A specially formulated plant energy booster which contains carefully selected biological stimulants, such as amino- acids.

    Starting at: £19.95

  8. BioBizz Top Max

    100% organic flowering strengtheners which increasing the size and weight of flowers, leaves a sweet, smooth taste in the finished product and improves the uptake of nutrients by the plants.

    Starting at: £11.95

  9. BioBizz Root Juice

    A harmonious balance of premium humic and fulvic acids with seaweed, specially formulated to organically promote vigorous root development.

    Starting at: £11.95

  10. BioBizz Bio Bloom

    Bio-Bloom is a complete liquid organic fertilizer which contains a small amount of nitrogen and enough phosphorous and potassium to ensure exuberant flowering.

    Starting at: £6.95

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Items 1 to 10 of 11 total


When it comes to quality organic products Biobizz is 100% biological and compatible with all plants. Due to the highest level of research and development since 1992, Biobizz continues to create solid products that are perfect for organic growers - such as the Bio-Heaven, BioBizz Root Juice and BioBizz Top Max. Bio-Heaven is an amazing substance that will increase mineral uptake from 5 -10% up to 95%! It can be used throughout all growing phases along side the BioBizz Bio Base Feed Nutrients.

BioBizz Bio Organic Base Nutrients

Start feeding your plants the BioBizz Bio Grow as soon as you see your plants first set of leaves - this will bring you great results as the special blend which contains 70 trace elements and vitamins create the perfect bacteria in the soil. Once your plants are ready to switch to the flowering period - start feeding them BioBizz Bio Bloom this contains potassium, phosphorous and a small amount of nitrogen to promote larger flowers and bigger harvests.