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Botanicare Nutrients

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Kind Nutrients

For a high quality combination of soluble organics, minerals and natural stimulants - look no further than the Kind Base Nutrients Range. With over a decade of research, experimentation and development - Botanicare have created an easily absorbed bio-active, 3 Part Nutrient Series: Kind Base, Kind Grow and Kind Bloom Nutrients.

Using Kind Nutrients promotes root growth, bigger plant canopy development whilst encouraging more bud sites for an abundant flowering period - leading to heavier harvests. Suitable hydroponic systems, soil, and coco growing style and can be used alongside Botanicare - Rhizo Blast, Hydroguard, Silica Blast and Pure Blend Tea - enhance your plant's growth and development from seedling.

Pure Blend Pro Nutrients

Offering excellent results the Pure Blend Pro Series formula is totally water soluble making them perfect nutrients for any hydroponic system - causing no build ups or clogging. Created from both organic and natural ingredients including rock phosphate, kelp, guano humic acid ensures your plants receive everything required in all growth stages in hydroponic systems.

Use the 3 Part Series: Pure Blend Pro Grow to induce a strong and vigorous vegetative period followed by Pure Blend Pro Bloom - if growing hydroponically or Pure Blend Pro Soil Bloom - to provide you with heavy yields and a higher quality product. Designed to work along Botanicare Additives & Supplements: Hydroplex, Rhizo Blast, Cal-Mag Plus, Sweet, Liquid Karma and Hydroguard.