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Buddhas Tree Nutrients

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  1. 100ml Buddhas Tree Defender

    Buddhas Tree Defender works like an inoculation for your plants. once plants are treated, all water borne root pathogens and fungi are rendered unable to reproduce in your roots.
  2. Buddhas Tree Advanced Meta Boost

    Stimulates and fuels a metabolic increase in the plant by providing the correct type of energy sources to the plants cells to energise their activity.

    Starting at: £44.95

  3. Buddhas Tree Flower Burst

    Flower Burst promotes explosive flower set, creates an increased number of flower sites and ensures a seamless change into the pure flowering phase of the bloom cycle. This results is a quicker and much more efficient flowering response.

    Starting at: £13.95

  4. Buddhas Tree Solar Green Power

    Solar green power is a silicon based product that strengthens plant cells and walls whilst increasing the plants ability to resist heat stress.

    Starting at: £15.95

  5. Buddhas Tree PK 9-18

    Buddhas Tree PK 9-18 increases plant uptake of nutrient and the plants natural oils and sugars making the plant grow to its full potential, meaning heavier yields and more intensely potent crops.

    Starting at: £19.95

  6. Buddhas Tree Coco A and B

    Buddhas Tree Coco A & B is a new special formulated high quality nutrient designed specifically for Coco - providing optimal growth in both growth and flowering phases.

    Starting at: £13.95

  7. Buddhas Tree Organicus

    A premium organic feed Buddhas Tree Organicus 99% - is a step ahead when it comes to organic base feeds used throughout growth and flowering phase.

    Starting at: £10.95

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7 Item(s)

Buddhas Tree

Dedicated to providing the grower with only innovative nutrients, family owned Buddhas Tree have over 30 years of growing knowledge and experience. Working alongside one of the top 4 Biochemist's in the world they continue to hold their position in the hydroponic marketplace.

Buddhas Tree Advanced Meta Boost

The benefits of using Advanced Meta Boost, are soon visible, mixed at low dilution rates the plant bio stimulant, derived from rich seaweed provides all the natural levels required of cytokinins, auxins plus amino acids. This means your plants receive a metabolic increase via the provided by the correct type of energy sources. Using Buddhas Tree Advanced Meta Boost allows plants to focus on the production of terpenes, sugars, oils and resins.

We have been selling Buddhas Tree Nutrient and Additives for decades at Hydrohobby. Give us a call or pop in for any information on Buddhas Tree Nutrient and Additives, we are open 7 days a week.