CX Horticulture

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CX Horticulture

CX Horticulture provide additives that are compatible with all nutrient feeding programs. Regardless of your chosen growing technique hydroponic, coco coir or soil your will see the proven results in your plants. Providing only beneficial elements to your plants once you start to use Wilt Guard and Regen-A-Root will protect, boost and promote strong root development - to induce heavy growth phase and keep root diseases.

CX Mighty Growth & Bloom Enhancers

With the vegetative period been vital for an abundant harvest using CX Might Growth Enhancer will increase your yield as it induces a heavy growth period - improving your plants protein and carbohydrate production. Once the flowering phase is initiated it's to switch over to PGR free- Mighty Bloom which works as a hardener, increases flower production. Used along side CX Head Masta your crops will be more aromatic, contain more oils and your overall yield will be increased.

CX Bio Balancer

Providing a sterile environment for your plants is imperative if you wish to avoid problems. Using Bio Balancer throughout veg and flowering phases - will provide beneficial bacteria to your system - keeping any predatory micro organisms at bay.