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Emerald Harvest

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Emerald Harvest Nutrients

Using a premium high quality formula's Emerald Harvest Nutrient Range, providing growers with only explosive growth, heavier yields and assisting your plant to reach its genetic potential without undue complexity. Just by following simple feeding schedules you will reap success with ease! Created with growers in mind all nutrients are in smart bottles - which avoids any minimum spillage when pouring products.

Root Wizard Massive Root Builder Supplement

From early vegetation using Root Wizard Massive Root Builder will provide the beneficial bacteria required to colonise the rhizosphere of your crops. Other supplements include Emerald Goddess Premium Plant Tonic, Sturdy Stalk and Cal-Mag supplements all created to promote healthy root zones and plant vigour - alongside your chosen base nutrient: Emerald Harvest Cali Pro 2 Part Nutrients or the Emerald Harvest Professional 3 Part Nutrients.

Once your flowers are bloom for the enhancement flavours and aroma begin using Emerald Harvest King Kola - the only flower booster which includes nitrogen derived from hemp protein. For further maximisation of plant resin production then include Emerald, Honey Chome Aroma and Resin Enricher in your feeding program.

With easy to follow feeding charts for all products our website, we are open 7 days a week and staff are ready to assist you further with questions about Emerald Harvest Nutrients.