Genesis Formula

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Genesis Formula

Genesis Formula gives growers the chance to dilute your nutrients as and when assuring that your favourite plants get the max from the 3 part Genesis Formula Nutrients. Compatible with all water types - the simple to use feed brings great results for all growers in hydroponic systems or coco coir. Simply to mix you add water to the super concentrate mush and shake the bottle!

Using The Genesis Microbase, Genesis Grow and then finally Genesis Bloom, will ensure you vigorous growth and larger yields come harvest time. Providing all the elements plants required through all growth phases - using the Genesis Formula P/K Plus stimulant will make your fruits denser and taste sweeter.he in each bottle is ready to go once activated at home.

Genesis Formula Coco A + B

Enhancing the beneficial properties of coco coir such as its high cation exchange - Genesis Formula Coco A + B is a great choice for growers using coco coir. Your plants will thrive form the unique blend as it works naturally with the media providing all the trace and micro nutrients required healthy growth and development.