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Green House Feeding

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Green House Feeding Powder

Keep it simple using the Dutch - Green House Feeding Powder mineral fertilisers, will bring you great results and save you money. Design especially for your favourite crop - Green House (as in Green House Seeds) offer you professional powder feeds compatible with soil, hydro and coco coir growing techniques, it is mixed at low dilution rates making it very cost effective.

Kick start with Green House Feeding Powder Grow to ensure your plants develop healthy root systems, stronger branches and thicker stems. When your plants reach the flowering period switching one of the Green House Feeding Flowering Powder formula's - will bring you heavy yields at harvest time!

Green House Feeding Bio Powders

The Short Flowering Powder Formula is for plants flowering for up to 8 weeks or less, and for plants flowering up to 9 weeks or more the Green House Feeding Powder Long Flowering or Green House Feeding Powder Hybrid formula will ensure your plants receive the correct ratio of nutrients, that are easily absorbed. Aiding your plants flowering period to provide more fruit production, aroma and flavour is the Green House Feeding Powder Booster.

Tailored to meet all the requirements for all plants grown in soil or coco coir is the Green House Feeding Bio Powder Nutrient range a mix of natural mineral and organic raw materials. Green House BioGrow, BioBloom and BioEnhancer will provide plants all the essential macro and micronutrients - to promote strong and healthy growth through all stages of development.