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House and Garden

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  1. House and Garden Aqua Flakes

    Aqua Flakes is a dedicated 2-part hydroponic nutrient for use in recirculating hydro systems.

    Starting at: £17.99

  2. House and Garden COCO

    House and Garden Coco is a dedicated 2-part nutrient for use when growing in Coco medium.

    Starting at: £17.99

  3. Bud XL

    Bud XL is a potent flowering stimulator that will boost your plants and improve the quality of your crops

    Starting at: £18.99

  4. Multizyme

    Multizyme contains enzymes, humic acids, lecithin and protein molecules which break down dead root material and stimulate extremely fast root development.

    Starting at: £12.49

  5. Top Booster

    Top Booster is flowering stimulator that acts like PK1314 but with the added ingredient of Eddha-Fe (iron). Do not use in conjunction with PK 13-14.

    Starting at: £9.49

  6. Roots Excelurator

    Roots Excelurator is an extremely powerful and concentrated root stimulator that ensures explosive root growth. Root excelurator also rids the plant of brown roots and destroys root mould instantly.

    Starting at: £39.99

  7. Amino Treatment

    Amino Treatment guarantees abundant growth and explosive flowering of your plants.

    Starting at: £29.99

  8. Top Shooter

    Top Shooter is an extremely powerful booster that is a liquid version of shooting powder. Do not use in conjunction with Shooting Powder or vice versa.

    Starting at: £25.99

  9. Shooting Powder Sachet

    Shooting Powder is an extremely powerful flower booster that is one of the best available on the market.
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9 Item(s)

House & Garden Nutrients

With over twenty years providing first class Nutrients and Additives - House & Garden Nutrients are famous worldwide. Made in the Emerald Triangle, Humbolt, California - the Dutch formula's are very popular today - due to extensive research and development all products are extensively tested.

Roots Excelurator

Feeding plants House and Garden Roots Excelurator for the first 5 weeks of your plants life - will protect them from developing brown spots and root diseases. The highly concentrated blend isolates germs and stops them reproducing, mixed at low dilution rates this a must have for any grower looking to give their crops a solid start - in hydroponics, coco coir or soil media. With easy to follow feeding charts on our website - House & Garden Nutrients and Additives are available at Hydrohobby today. Give us a call or pop in for any information on House & Garden Nutrients, we are open 7 days a week.