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House & Garden Nutrients

With over twenty years providing first class Nutrients and Additives - House & Garden Nutrients are famous worldwide. Made in the Emerald Triangle, Humbolt, California - the Dutch formula's are very popular today - due to extensive research and development all products are extensively tested.

Roots Excelurator

Feeding plants House and Garden Roots Excelurator for the first 5 weeks of your plants life - will protect them from developing brown spots and root diseases. The highly concentrated blend isolates germs and stops them reproducing, mixed at low dilution rates this a must have for any grower looking to give their crops a solid start - in hydroponics, coco coir or soil media. With easy to follow feeding charts on our website - House & Garden Nutrients and Additives are available at Hydrohobby today. Give us a call or pop in for any information on House & Garden Nutrients, we are open 7 days a week.