Plant Magic Plus Nutrients

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Plant Magic Nutrients

With nutrients compatible with all water types Plant Magic Nutrients - brings you great results without the need to adjust your pH levels when using Plant Magic DWC Base Nutrients! All Plant Magic Base Feeds will increase your plants fertility enhancing growth, development and health. Key elements straight from nature such as bacteria, natural simulators, and beneficial fungi - ensure growers who invest in Plant Magic Nutrients & Additives reap success - regardless of experience or growing style. Hydroponic and Coco Coir - Plant Magic Nutrient Base Feeds are available in hard or soft water versions.

Plant Magic Deep Water Culture Nutrients

The Plant Magic Plus DWC Nutrients are specifically created for Deep Water Culture the 2 part nutrient provides everything needed for both vegetative and flowering phases. Your pH solution will remain stable - regardless of the bubble intensity in buckets. Select your Plant Magic PK Booster - and get ready for a heavier yield, more oil and resin production.

With simply to follow feeding charts for each product Plant Magic Nutrients, Additives and Supplements are available today at Hydrohobby. Give us a call or pop in for any information on Plant Magic Products, we are open 7 days a week.