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Veg + Bloom Nutrients

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  1. Veg + Bloom Tap Hard Base

    Veg + Bloom Tap Hard Base is the perfect base nutrient when growing in rock wool or grow stones - specifically create for neutralising the alkaline water supply.

    Starting at: £19.95

  2. Veg + Bloom RO Soft Base

    Veg + Bloom RO / SOFT BASE is perfect for all hydroponics systems as well as been compatible with coco, rock wool and peat moss substrates.

    Starting at: £19.95

  3. Veg + Bloom Dirty Base

    The special created Veg + Bloom Dirty Base is pH ready for peat moss and soil media – and is rich in refined organic heaters and selected amino acids.

    Starting at: £23.95

  4. Veg + Bloom Shine

    Veg + Bloom Shine is the ultimate flowing additive that will bring optimal results for all growers using the Veg + Bloom Base feeds - causing explosive bloom phases.

    Starting at: £38.95

  5. Veg + Bloom Push Foliar

    Assisting your plants to increase chlorophyll production Veg + Bloom Push Foliar feeds into stems and leaves of your plants. Whilst providing silica and calcium for growth Push will stimulate plant cell divisions.

    Starting at: £29.95

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5 Item(s)