Redback Chiller

The Redback Chiller is designed to lower your grow room humidity and temperature by providing an uni-directional airflow.

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Redback Chiller :

The Redback Chiller is designed to lower your grow room humidity and temperature. Providing uni-directional airflow the unit is extremely effective at cooling in an economical way, making it a solid investment for any indoor garden.

How does the Redback Chiller work?

The unit is an evaporative cooler and will keep control excessive heat and ensure optimum levels are kept in your indoor garden. Complete with a water pump, ball float, reservoir and cooler unit. It is recommended that a 300mm inline fan with the amount of ducting required, providing maximum airflow to your desired location. A smaller fan may be used such as a 200 – 250 mm – but a reducer will be required.

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Size 58 x 31 x 71.5cm
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