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Extractor Fans for extracting air from your grow room. RVK Sileo fans are made in Germany by Lti, feature excellent build quality and are fairly quite in operation.
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100mmA1 RVK Extractor Fan - 184m3/hr
125mmA1 RVK Extractor Fan - 220m3/hr
150mmA1 RVK Extractor Fan - 428m3/hr
150mmL1 RVK Extractor Fan - 720m3/hr
200mmA1 RVK Extractor Fan - 796m3/hr
250mmA1 RVK Extractor Fan - 860m3/hr
250mmL1 RVK Extractor Fan - 1080m3/hr
315mmA1 RVK Extractor Fan - 1361m3/hr

RVK Sileo Extractor Fans Product Details:

RVK Sileo Extractor Fans for extracting air from your grow room. Manufactured in Germany by Lti, RVK Fans feature excellent build quality and are fairly quite in operation. Each fan is supplied with a mounting bracket but you will need to purchase a mains lead and plug seperately and wire this item yourself.

We can not over-emphasize the need for using a suitable extraction system in your grow-room. Plants need fresh air to breathe just like you or me. Mount your fan at the top of your grow room just to the side of your light or lights and a little below so it is removing the hottest air in your growing area.

As air is extracted by the RVK Sileo Extractor Fan cool fresh air will be drawn in to your room keeping it cool. Make sure to have vents in the base of your room for fresh air to be drawn in through, grow tents come with these but if making your own room include some and if possible extract your air out of the building so it doesn't get pulled back into the growing area.

Extractor fans can just as easily be used as intake fans just use them the other way round. For intake fans you want to select a fan with 1/3 to 1/2 the power of your main extraction.

There are no definative rules for which fan to use with which light or lights but as a rule of thumb the following will give you an idea:

  • 100A1 - 250w to 400w light - no intake necessary
  • 125A1 - 400w to 600w light - no intake necessary
  • 150A1 - 600w to 1000w light - 100A1 as an intake fan
  • 150L1 - 2 x 600w lights - 125A1 as an intake fan
  • 200A1 - 2 x 600w lights - 125A1 or 150A1 as an intake fan 
  • 250A1 - 2+ lights - 150A1 as an intake fan
  • 250L1 - 4+ lights - 150A1 as an intake fan
  • 315A1 - 6+ lights - 150A1 or 150L1 as an intake fan
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Size 100mm-184m3/hr, 125mm-220m3/hr, 150mm-425m3/hr, 150mm-666m3/hr, 200mm-778m3/hr, 250mm-842m3/hr, 250mm-1087m3/hr, 315mm-1300m3/hr
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