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Spectrum King SK600 LED Light

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Quick Overview

Spectrum King SK 600 LED grow lights mimic natural sunlight by emitting a full spectrum of light, increase plant quality and health.

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Spectrum King SK 600 LED Grow Light Product Details:

Key benefits of the Spectrum King SK 600 LED grow lights are their remarkable ability to mimic natural sunlight by emitting a full spectrum of light. Red and blue light wavelengths activate photosynthesis, but are not the only wavelengths plants need. Over-saturating your plants with only red and blue wavelengths actually causes them to go dormant, leading to under produced plants. Spectrum King SK600 LED produces a full spectrum, which appears as white light, it induces your plants to undergo natural photo respiration. While that will force them to work harder, it also leads more efficient nutrient intake. You end up with sturdier plants, healthier growth, and increased yields.

Spectrum King LED Grow Lights are IP65 rated, which means they are completely sealed from dust and moisture and can even be washed with a garden hose!

Spectrum King SK600 Features

  • Full spectrum 640 Watt LED light made in the USA
  • 92% Efficiency
  • 82% More Light than 400+ Series LED
  • Low Profile 150mm housing
  • IP65 designed for wet and humid environments and safe for outdoor use
  • Extra efficient heatsinks lower overall ambient room temperature
  • Same light intensity as a 1000-Watt dual-ended sodium
  • One of the brightest LED lighting fixtures available
  • Great for supplemental greenhouse lighting


What's different About Spectrum King SK600 LED

Aside from emitting a full spectrum of light, The SK600 LED Grow Light affects your bottom line. While it offers the same intensity as a duel-ended 1000-watt HPS bulb, our 640W LED grow light uses only a fraction of electricity while emitting only about 1550 BTUs of heat. That all equates to big energy savings of over 60% as compared to dual-ended 1000 Watt HPS bulbs in energy costs and a light that produces less heat than most of the competitors.

Spectrum King SK600 LED Warranty

In order to ensure your satisfaction by bringing you great plants and a healthy harvest, Spectrum King LED SK600 grow lights are backed by a DUAL WARRANTY. For added peace of mind, lights are guaranteed to maintain 90% or better light output for 3 YEARS with regular use plus a 5 YEAR Mechanical warranty on all parts and labor.

Additional Information

BrandSpectrum King
Light TypeLED
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