Tecoponic HY1000 Water Chiller

Tecoponic HY1000 Water Chiller are used to cool down or warm the water in your nutrient tank. Water chillers are especially useful in DWC bubbler systems where pythium can strike if your water temperature gets too high.

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Tecoponic HY1000 Water Chiller Product Details:

Providing superb and efficient cooling technology the Tecoponic HY1000 Water Chiller using only high performance compressors. Running at low noise levels without effecting performance the HY1000 Chiller consumes only 310watts - these technologies allow users to achieve the highest COP (Coefficient Of Performance) - which contributes to significant energy savings.

Modern in design the Tecoponic HY1000 Water Chiller is perfect for operating in confined spaces or larger areas operating inside or outside the growing area. Offering easy access to the magnetic air filter for maintains - these are the next generation of cooling equipment - providing high performance whilst consuming minimum power. 

Simple to operate the accurate Digital Thermostat can set maintain ranges set between 18° - 22° (64 -72°F), providing the prefect temperatures to stopping all issues before they arise such as pythium. Other benefits include:

  • Easy to setup digital thermostat
  • 1000 litre Tank size
  • High performance compressors
  • Low operation noise levels
  • Quick and easy magnetic air filter maintenance
  • Can be installed in or outside of growing box
  • 310W Power Consumption
  • Min & Max Flow Rate : 500 lt/h – 800 lt/h
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Size 310 x 310 x 482
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