Telos 0008 LED Grow Light 240w

Telos 0008 240w LED grow light uses high quality CREE LED's and bespoke components to provide a balanced full spectrum of white and red LED light, increasing plant development and yield.
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Telos 0008 LED Grow Light Product Details:

Telos 0008 Led Grow Lights are created by British bio-system engineering company GNUK LTD. The 240W Telos 0008 LED Grow Light is manufacture in the UK ensuring the highest quality using bespoke components which have been developed over the last 8 years.

Built to last with no moving parts your plants will thrive from the blend of white and photo red LED's which will deliver you a high quality yield. Operating silently using a passive cooling systems your to ensure a cooler environment. The Telos 0008 features UV protection elements and is IP66 water and dust proof.

The Telos 0008 LED Grow Light features:

  • 240w Power consumption
  • Single Stage Holographic Optics
  • CREE LED Technology
  • Passive Cooling System
  • IP66 and UV protection
  • CE Certified
  • Enhanced 660nm full spectrum
  • PPF efficiency of up to 2µmol/joule
  • PPF output of 480µmol/s
  • Simple installation

Light height from canopy & area coverage:


For seedlings/microgreens (indoor growing) ≈100cm from canopy, 170cm x 170cm area

For vegetative growth (indoor growing) ≈80cm from canopy, 130cm x 130cm area

For flowering (indoor growing) ≈60cm from canopy, 90cm x 90cm area

Telos 0008 LED Grow Light Spectrum

Telos 0008 LED Grow Light Spectrum

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Size 240w
Light Type LED
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