Triminator Wet Trimmer

The Triminator Wet Trimmer is a professional wet trimming machine, trimming up to 20 pound a hour- featuring patented Resin Repel self cleaning system!
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Triminator Wet Trimmer Product Details

The Triminator Wet Trimmer is a professional wet trimming machine, that is 2 x faster than the others trimmers on the market and 90 x quicker than hand trimming. Many years of research and development have found the best rotating speed, for keeping the integrity of the trichomes - as they are rotated in the long narrow drum maximizes cutting surface every time!

Capable of trimming up to 18 - 20 pounds a hour - this machine is perfect for commercial use is built from military grade materials and features patented technology.

Triminator Trim Logic & Resin Repel Systems:

By cleverly removing the bedknife from the Trimming machine - Terminator Trimmers can deliver the best precise wet trim. Instead of the beadknife the cutting reel and drums alignment are within a .0025” (a hair thickness) of each other. This means perfectly trimmed product, minimum handling and no touching up necessary.

Triminator Wet Trimmer

To enable you to trim continuously pound after pound the patented Resin Repel mist system is a cleaning system that will ensure - there's no squeaking, or stopping for tedious cleaning sessions!

This is achieved by a thin layer of atomized water that repels the sticky resin providing no surface for it to bond and build up. The atomized water also prevents the cutting reel from becoming dull with masses of plant material.

Visit YouTube to see the Triminator Wet Trimmer in action for yourself!

Other Triminator Wet Trimmer benefits include:

  • reduces trichome loss due to no friction
  • minimizes waste and handling time
  • trims up to 18 - 20 pounds per hour
  • built from military grade materials
  • pressure wash clean
  • 2x faster than the competition
  • 90x faster than hand trimming
  • 30% more cutting surface
  • features Trim Logic System
  • features patented Resin Repel System
  • 2 year warranty
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Size L 45 x W 18.5 x H 39 inches
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